The raddest motherFUCKER


Stats: all 25 except for Charisma which is 69
Abilities: Best ones
HP: 5000
Armor: 10 + value of whatever’s attacking
Damage Die: D30 + 2d4 + 50


Okay first of all, he’s just the best dude. He’s holy as fuck, he’s got a tragic backstory, he’s pretty much the leader even though he didn’t even WANT to be. People gravitate towards Cassius. It’s natural for a man that sexy. Unfortunately he is in a bullshit place right now where there are some asshole things happening. Who’s responsible for that? Not Cassius. Probably some awful d-bag god. The d stands for demon, so Cassius is going to get righteous as hell up ins there and put an end to that shit right quick. Have you even READ what Exterminatus does? All the damage forever, that’s happening, you can’t stop it.

Cassius is fond of:
-Slaying demons
-Staring out from heights at panoramic views
-Buddies who also don’t suck


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