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This wiki is for the Dungeon World campaign set in the Dragon Empire, so far entirely taking place upon the Sapphire Isles. Refresh your memory on NPCs and events, learn about the world, or flesh out your character, its practically Disneyland up in here.

Recap? You want some recap? Well fine then, geez, have it your way:

Part One: Upon a Sapphire Isle

Session 1: Smoke on the Water

The ship Stonehammer’s Folly, captained by the inimitable Captain Stonehammer, sails towards its destination of Port Taramos upon the Sapphire Isles. As land is sighted and the passengers are brought up on deck, a dragon swoops down from a lone mountain and attacks the ship. Only a few passengers and a single sailor successfully escape on rowboats as the ship and its crew are ravaged by the dragon’s flame, and they are aided by a pod of dolphins called by the druid Anaera who saw their plight from the shore and came to aid them. The survivors take stock, introduce themselves to each other, take what salvage they can, and begin heading inland towards the home of the island’s druids at the bidding of Anaera. They are stopped briefly by Morgan Blackwood, who questions them but allows them to pass on to Toucana where they receive food, shelter and medical attention. They are asked to meet with the Toucana Council of the All-Healer the next morning.

Session 2: Through Swamp or Dale?

The survivors meet with the Council in their chambers near the top of an enormous tree, encountering some difficulty in climbing. They are questioned by the Council, who worry about the presence of a dragon upon the Isles. The group receives enough supplies to last them until they reach Port Taramos and they leave Toucana, Anaera joining them as a guide. Morgan tells the group that they will have to choose between going through the direct path through the swamp full of hostile lizardmen or going the longer route north through the open valleys and hills of hill giant territory. The group chooses to go towards the giants, and begins their journey by crossing the wide river that separates the druids from the rest of the island. After many hours of trekking they hear hill giants approaching and nearly succeed in sneaking past them using the distractions created by Pendrell but are caught by the sheer loudness of the entire group stomping past. Though the giants prove dangerous foes, they end up being no match for the magics of Nox and the divine invulnerability of Cassius, and they are quickly defeated. The group makes camp upon a hill to rest for the night.

Session 3: Here Be Giants

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